Ahad, Februari 27, 2011

SeoHyun In Wedding Dress - ScreenCapture-*Low Quality*

On 26th February 2011, the most anticipating episode of We Got Married of YongSeo Couple was aired.
Many was amazed by the goddess-like beauty of SeoHyun (SNSD). Hehehehe. And that's includes me. 

As a Seomate, I found that anyone who watches the ep is all mesmerized. Many positive feedback was received from my fellow friend regarding the beauty of SeoHyun. 

I don't know if what I am doing is disobeying any laws or rules, but I decided to screen-captured the pictures of SeoHyun in the following ep, as a flavor for Seomate's eyes. Let's love SeoHyun more !

Sorry if my English sucks. ~

Seohyun looks captivated by Yong's appearance

Duguen-duguen ~
Yong~ Oppa~ Aing~

2 ulasan:

  1. layan WGM gak ker ?
    aq mnt giler ngn seohyun nie....cun seyhhh
    dye plg cun dlm snsd

  2. cun ...wlupun x de mekap, muke die cun je..
    ak lyn wgm die je dari mula smpai abis..yg kapel lain, aku layan beberapa ep je..pastu dh mls dah...ketagih..