Khamis, Disember 02, 2010

SNSD’s fan-meeting session in Malaysia

SNSD’s fan-meeting session in Malaysia

A proposal was sent to SM Entertainment by Malaysian organizer, Redstar Presents to invite SNSD for a fan- meeting session in Malaysia. The demand for SNSD to have a concert or fan meeting (at least) in Malaysia is so great that SONEs are endlessly urging the organizer to bring the Soshi over to the country for the first time.

In reply to SONEs’ queries, here’s what the organizer has to say about the fan meeting (FM). Redstar is asking for patience from SONEs but it’s understandable that when it is taking too long, fans do get impatient, especially when they’re hearing news about SONEs watching concerts and shows elsewhere. The usual question popping inside their heads would be “When will the girls come over?”.

Looks like SM Entertainment is having a little bit of problem to slot in the FM session in Malaysia into SNSD’s schedule. The girls are currently busy with their Japanese promotion. They will have a mini live show today in Tokyo and after that they will be flying back to Korea for Y-Star Concert on August 28th and 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave on August 29th.
Hopefully, the fan-meeting session in Malaysia would be a reality as Malaysian SONEs have been longing to see and greet the girls. A concert would be even more awesome as we would be seeing the mighty pink ocean for the first time in Malaysia.

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