Sabtu, Julai 17, 2010

Last Night.

Smiling, I then typed my latest Facebook's status. Watching the status being published, I once again smiled in satisfaction.

One people like this. Oh, that was fast. 2 people like this. Oh, I thought my friends would have backed up on me. Responding to the peoples who was liking my status, I commented. " Oh, so you like it. That's mean you're admitting me being such girl, right? "

3 people like this.

I grinned. 'What ever boys. I don't give a damn.'

I clicked on the tab on Google Chrome browser. By clicking the bookmarks icon, I was visiting my own blog. There's a heavy sigh from me. 'Em, no comment?' Asking myself a stupid question with a clear answer right in front of me, making me feels like a total desperate. Desperate in seeking my own courage to update my blog.

Again, I clicked on a tab. This time, I clicked on Yahoo! bookmark and logged in. The inbox was filled with Facebook's notifications. And a few My Space's and very few e-mail from my beloved boyfriend. A total disappointment filled me up.


All of a sudden, my notebook shut off. The light, the fan and so do the television was too,shut off, turning the environment into total darkness. I felt a little creepy and quickly jumped on my bed.

There was noise outside my room. A silent noise. A conversation between two people. 'Oh, it's just my father and my brother. Probably watching the Hindustan movie on Zee Channel before the black out happened.'

Then, it was a total silence. Everybody had gone to bed likely. Me, in my own room, being all alone myself recite some 'doa' and looked for my blanket. Even though the fan was off, and it was kind of hot in my room, but I preferred myself to be covered up with the blanket.

Little by little, I pull down the blanket that was covering my face. Peeping, there was nothing to be seen except a total darkness. There was no difference if I closed or opened my eyes. I barely see nothing.

Afraid of the situation, I then fumbled in the dark to find my Blueberry. Yes, I can make it the source of the light. It's the least I can do. And at least, I might know the time and see for myself either the bed was safe or there was an animal on it. Oh, I do afraid of snake and centipede.

The howling sound gets me goosebumps. My teeth chattered. Sweats really making my shivering body a little uneasy.

Maybe it was cats, or dog, or wolf. But, it was out of ordinary. Not that I usually heard that cats' fighting sounds or what ever animals sounds, but I really can tell it was different. I just know.

Pressing on any button of my phone, just to keep the lights up, making me even worried.  What if, when it is dark, and then when I press the button, I see something that I don't want to see. Or what if, the on and off lights from the phone, attracted the uninvited company. That was my 'what if' imagination.

Well, I maybe watched a lot of movie though. I tried to calm down. Groping in the darkness again, this time I was looking for my earphone.

As soon as I found it, I plugged it in and turn on the audio player. I sang the 'Nothing On You' song.

But then, the howling sounds became louder. My mind said, 'fuck'. Reciting the Kursi, with the song in my ear, I recited it wrongly.

'Thump' , 'Thump'. I quickly opened my eyes. Unplugging my left earphone, I searched the sources of the sound.

I looked straight upward. On the ceiling. Well, it was nothing on the ceiling. But, it was something above it.

'It's just the cats.' I blamed the cats again.

The howling and the 'thump, thump' sound were together now. I raised the volume of my phone. Singing the song 'Rock Your Body' this time.

'Tap, shuh.'

I opened my eyes widely. I felt the wind. I was not in barely see nothing mode anymore.

Thank God the electricity was back again. When I looked at time, it's just 1.00 am.

What? It was just 10 minutes?

Well, that's a long 10 minutes I've ever had.

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